Pipe Plugs

So You Need  Pipe Plugs … Now What?

COB Industries manufactures and distributes pipe plugs, pipe stoppers and test plugs for just about any application so let us help you determine the right type/style of plug for your situation. When someone calls us about pipe plugs, we basically need to know the answers to a few questions in order to determine what type of plug would be the best option…what size?, what does the plug need to hold back, how much back pressure, and how long is the plug going to be in place? Other issues (chemicals / temperature, etc.) may have to be considered as well.

Here is a quick breakdown to help determine the type of plug that is needed:

VERY LOW PRESSURE / NO PRESSURE PLUGS — For FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) applications, or to just block off the pipe to keep debris out or block fumes…Take a look at our Bag Plugs, Nylon Expansion Plugs or Cast Aluminum Expansion Plugs. We also have other Low Pressure Expansion Plugs.

qwik gate pipe plugs

VALVE REPAIRS / TO PLUG OFF BEHIND A VALVEQwik-Gate Pipe Plugs are used to change out valves, add fittings or make line repairs without shutting off the water or draining the line. These pipe plugs are good for up to 65 PSI and are designed to be pushed into the pipe and actuated from outside the pipe.

NEED TO SEAL A PIPE BUT ONLY HAVE SMALL ACCESS TO INSERT / REMOVE THE PIPE PLUG — Use the Qwik-Fit Cylinder Plugs when there is a need to hold back small amounts (low pressure) of water with reduced access to the pipe. For higher back pressure applications see the Multi-Size Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Stoppers.

STANDING WATER, HEAD PRESSURE UP TO 40 FT, BACK PRESSURE UP TO APPROX. 20 PSI — for pipeline repair / maintenance, water and sewer applications…we offer Multi-Size Inflatable Stoppers from 2” diameter to 96” diameter, and Disc Plugs from 24” and up. Both styles offer threaded bypass / test ports.

WATER PRESSURE / BACK PRESSURE up to 150 PSI — For applications involving higher backpressures or pressure testing up to 150 PSI, we have inflatable Medium-Pressure Roll-up Plugs with a braced pressure rating of up to 150 PSI, or the Qwik-Sealfast Plugs which are self-restraining Pipe plugs (no additional bracing or restraining required) that have set-screws that hold the plug in place and are available with either an inflatable or mechanical seal. These pipe plugs are made to order to suit almost any application.

Qwik-HighPressurePipeStoppers1PIPE PLUGS FOR HYDRO-TESTING / HIGH-PRESSURE APPLICATIONS — Our Qwik-High Pressure Pipe Plugs / Stoppers are easy to use, gripper style test plugs that are quick and easy to use, and rated for up to 3500 PSI.

Custom Pipe Plugs ManufacturerEXTRA LARGE DIAMETERS, CUSTOM APPLICATIONS, SUB-SEA PIPE PLUGS, ETC. — See our Custom Pipe Plugs page or call to speak to one of our design engineers about your application.