NEED TO SEAL A PIPE BUT ONLY HAVE SMALL ACCESS TO INSERT / REMOVE THE PIPE PLUG — Use the Qwik-Fit Cylinder Plugs when there is a need to hold back small amounts (low pressure) of water with reduced access to the pipe. For higher back pressure applications see the Multi-Size Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Stoppers.

STANDING WATER, HEAD PRESSURE UP TO 40 FT, BACK PRESSURE UP TO APPROX. 20 PSI — for pipeline repair / maintenance, water and sewer applications…we offer Multi-Size Inflatable Stoppers from 2” diameter to 96” diameter, and Disc Plugs from 24” and up. Both styles offer threaded bypass / test ports.

WATER PRESSURE / BACK PRESSURE up to 150 PSI — For applications involving higher backpressures or pressure testing up to 150 PSI, we have inflatable Medium-Pressure Roll-up Plugs with a braced pressure rating of up to 150 PSI, or the Qwik-Sealfast Plugs which are self-restraining Pipe plugs (no additional bracing or restraining required) that have set-screws that hold the plug in place and are available with either an inflatable or mechanical seal. These pipe plugs are made to order to suit almost any application.