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Number #1

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Of Industrial Solutions


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Accu-Freeze Kit Brochure

The patented Accu-Freeze™ system is the most advanced pipe freezing system in the world. It utilizes liquid nitrogen in a controlled and automated system to safely and reliably freeze static liquids in a selected section of pipe or tubing.

Test Plugs Brochure

COB Industries manufactures and distributes pipe plugs, pipe-stoppers and test plugs for just about any application so let us help you determine the right type/style of plug for your situation. When someone calls us about pipe plugs, we basically need to know the answers to a few questions in order to determine what type of plug would be the best option…what size?, what does the plug need to hold back, how much back pressure?, and how long is the plug going to be in place?

Quik Freezer Brochure

Qwik Freezer pipe freezing kits utilizes liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze stationary water in selected sections of pipe or tubing. By producing very low “dry ice” temperatures, Qwik Freezer pipe freezing kits form a secure in-line ice plug.

Argweld Brochure

The Argweld® product line offers high quality, cost-effective solutions for all types of weld purging applications. This includes Pipe Purging Systems for fast, effective purging and oxygen-free welds and the best-selling Purge Monitors in the industry

Cost Comparison Quik Purge VS. Paper Dams

Cost Comparison between Argweld® Quick-Purge Systems and Pre-Formed Paper Dams

Argweld VS. Conventional Purge Dams

Why are Argweld® Inflatable Purge Dams the Clear Choice for Pipe Purging?

When welding stainless steel, chrome or other types of pipe that require an oxygen-free weld, there are several types of Purge Dams available to accomplish the goal.

PurgEye 100 Purge Monitor

PurgEye™100 the newest, most advanced Weld Purge Monitor™ with new features and capabilities that place this monitor way ahead in the field of weld purge monitoring. The Argweld® product line is the only one to offer a complete “family” of Weld Purge Monitors™ for all applications and to suit every budget.