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Multiple Freeze Plugs at Central Reference Library



The work in the photographs was performed at the Central Reference Library in Cocoa Florida. Precision Air Conditioning of Brevard is the Prime Contractor performing a major mechanical renovation/upgrade to that facility for Brevard County.

The need to maintain temperature and humidity control is paramount as this facility contains many of the genealogic documents related to Brevard County. These particular line freezes were performed using the COB Industries Accu-Freeze System.

The work consisted of freezing (2) 6” dia. Chilled Water lines and (2) 4” dia. Hot Water lines all of which were Sch. 40 Carbon Steel Pipe. During the time six 3” butterfly valves and ten 2” ball valves were replaced downstream, which required the ice plugs to be maintained for approximately 4 hours. The line freezes and subsequent replacement of the isolation valves, will allow work on individual AHU’s in a localized manner, without shutting down the entire HVAC system.

The line freezes were utilized to prevent the need to drain/capture/re-fill approximately 1400 gallons of treated Chilled water and Hot Water, which would have been very time consuming and costly.

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S. Korea Completes Freeze Seal Test On 24” Pipe

Distributor in S. Korea Completes Freeze Seal Test On 24” Pipe With New Accu-Freeze® Jacket And Valve Manifold Prototype

December, 2014—GEOS Co., Ltd. is the agent in South Korea for COB Industries’ Qwik-Freezer® and Accu-Freeze® Pipe Freezing Systems, and they were contracted by a large power utility company to conduct a feasibility study with regards to performing freeze seals on large diameter steam lines. Directors from GEOS visited COB Industries in Florida to discuss this project, and COB Industries experts explained that while steam cannot be frozen there is a possibility of back-filling lines with water and creating freeze seals to isolate the lines which would accomplish the primary goal.

Following subsequent meetings in Seol, GEOS was then given the green light to contract with COB to conduct the first phase of testing by conducting a Freeze Seal Test using Accu-Freeze® equipment on a 24” Carbon Steel Pipe. GEOS and COB met once again and COB proposed a custom 24” Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Jacket with multiple LN2 inlets, a manifold prototype including multiple Accu-Freeze® solenoid valves and a custom control box containing (4) Accu-Freeze® digital controllers (see photos below). COB Industries built the equipment and shipped it to S. Korea where the test was conducted by GEOS personnel. The test was 100% successful and an ice plug was formed over a 16 hour period and then pressure was applied to pressure test the 24” ice plug to over 140 PSI.

COB Industries has been manufacturing Pipe Freezing Systems for over 45 years and their patented Accu-Freeze® equipment is used by the U.S. Navy, nuclear and conventional power plants and mechanical contractors around the world.

24" Pipe Freeze

  1. Custom 24” Accu-Freeze® Jacket
  2. 2. A600 Freeze Test Set-up Configuration
  3. Formation of 24” Ice Plug
  4. Pressure Testing 24” Ice Plug

24" Pipe Freeze

For more information contact Cletus O’Brien or Troy Palmer at

or call 321-723-3200.

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National Vacuum Environmental Services Company

April 2014—National Vacuum Environmental Services Company (a mechanical contractor in Montreal) was contracted recently to perform a freeze seal on a 12” water main in the boiler room of the CBC Building in downtown Montreal. A freeze seal, or “ice plug” was required in order to change out an old valve that was seized up without having to shut down or drain out the system. While National Vacuum has technicians with experience freezing smaller diameter lines, they decided to contact COB Industries in order to purchase Accu-Freeze® equipment and to receive training to prepare them to tackle…

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