• Urgent 12” Copper Wrap Freeze
    In May of 2022 a local mechanical contractor called with an urgent freeze requirement.  The freeze was on the supply and return of a large chiller system.  The chiller water was treated with rust inhibitors and there was a sensitive waterway nearby.  A temporary pond would have to be built in the parking lot to […]
  • Chemical Plant Freeze breaks all the rules
    October 2018 Recently a specialty chemical plant in Canada had an issue with a waste storage tank that contained some environmentally “unfriendly” contents.  The outflow valves from this holding tank were slowly decaying and even with redundant valving there appeared to be no way to replace the faulty valves without draining down the entire tank. […]
  • Oaks Pioneer Park pipe abandonment
    July 2018 Recently a large northwest utility had a potential environmental issue with an abandoned pipeline that traversed a protected area in Oregon.  The US Army Corps of Engineers had chosen the area to replenish a natural salmon hatchery that had been cut off from the Willamette River many years ago when a train crossing […]
  • Pipe freeze training with our exclusive agents in Brazil “Senior Protecao”
    Pipe freeze training with our exclusive agents in Brazil “Senior Protecao” In May of 2017 COB Industries President, Cletus O’Brien, traveled to San Paulo Brazil to conduct in depth pipe freeze training and demonstrations with their exclusive agent for the area, “Senior Protecao”. Senior is a fire suppression system sales and service provider who services […]
  • S. Korea Completes Freeze Seal Test On 24” Pipe
    Distributor in S. Korea Completes Freeze Seal Test On 24” Pipe With New Accu-Freeze® Jacket And Valve Manifold Prototype December, 2014—GEOS Co., Ltd. is the agent in South Korea for COB Industries’ Qwik-Freezer® and Accu-Freeze® Pipe Freezing Systems, and they were contracted by a large power utility company to conduct a feasibility study with regards […]
  • Multiple Freeze Plugs at Central Reference Library
    PRECISION AIR CONDITIONING OF BREVARD COMPLETED MULTIPLE FREEZE PLUGS AT CENTRAL REFERENCE LIBRARY IN COCOA FLORIDA USING COB INDUSTRIES ACCU-FREEZE SYSTEM The work in the photographs was performed at the Central Reference Library in Cocoa Florida. Precision Air Conditioning of Brevard is the Prime Contractor performing a major mechanical renovation/upgrade to that facility for Brevard […]
  • Custom Plug Testimonial
    Custom Plug Testimonial These are pictures of the 36″ River Water Main repair. The site uses river water for cooling water in the production units. This leak had one of three pump houses shut down. With one pump house off line units had to cut back production. Thanks to you and your company for expediting […]
  • Accu-Freeze 12 inch freeze at CBC Radio-Canada
    <h2>COB Industries Accu-Freeze 12 inch freeze seal</h2> April 2014— Accu-Freeze was used by a mechanical contractor in Montreal to perform a freeze seal on a 12” water main in the boiler room of the CBC Building in downtown Montreal. A freeze seal, or “ice plug” was required in order to change out an old valve […]
  • COB Helps Develop Revolutionary Pipe Purging Technology
    COB Helps Develop Revolutionary Pipe Purging Technology PurgeGate Valve November, 2013—COB Industries introduced revolutionary new PurgeGate technology which is certain to be a game-changer in the world of pipe purging. Tandem inflatable pipe purging systems have proven to be the fastest, most effective method of pipe purging when welding stainless steel, chrome, titanium and other […]
  • Qwik-Freezer Used For Repairs At Etihad Tower In Abu Dhabi
    Qwik-Freezer Used For Repairs At Etihad Towers In Abu Dhabi July, 2013—Contractors at the world-famous Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi (pictured above) used Qwik-Freezer® Pipe Freezing Systems to successfully perform multiple freeze seals for piping repairs on the 39th level of Tower 4.