Reverse Pressure Plugs

Reverse Pressure Expansion Plugs are made to order, these plugs are made with an over sized top plate to keep the plug from being pushed into the pipe .

IMG_2462 IMG_2465 IMG_2464

These superior, versatile, expandable plugs are used to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications where an airtight seal is required.


Reverse Pressure Expansion Pipe Plugs Advantages:

  • Easy to handle.
  • Stainless steel or aluminum
  • Durable machined aluminum / stainless – heavy duty, non-corrosive and maintenance-free; with natural rubber seal.
  • Vented and Non-vented stems
  • Fill or Vent – threaded pipe stem has removable cap.
  • Simple to install and work with – wing-nut / hex-nut easily expands rubber seal.
  • Special sizes are available to increase expansion plugs range.



Note: Expansion Pipe plugs are less effective at higher limits of expansion than in the mid range. Let us help you by supplying the proper sizes for your requirements.